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Diamond Asphalt, Sealcoating and Concrete does on average between 2500 and 3,500 jobs a year. In the past  26 years in business that comes out to approximately  78,000 jobs. In those 78,000 jobs we have had 3 bad reviews 2 which turned out to be fake reviews, 1 We never did work for the person she had us confused with another company up north with a similar name    We will always do what is necessary to make our customers happy.
Seal-coated driveway with a unique asphalt repair patch near the garage to prevent water infiltration beneath the surface.
Another happy customer, seal coating driveway to obtain Asphalt Maintenance and to ensure longevity
Driveway Resurfacing and Asphalt Services a Asphalt company that takes pride in their workmanship
Driveway Sealcoating - Essential for annual residential driveway maintenance, proper steps taken guarantees asphalt sealing
Diamond Asphalt & Driveway Repair setting the standard in driveway resurfacing. Quality Materials, Expert Craftsmanship
Asphalt e expert shows professionalism and pride in driveway care and driveway cleaning services
Stubborn oil stain on driveway, expert team provided  stain repair, driveway care, and restoration services
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